A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Soup's Beachy Adventure is a 2D - Side Scrolling game where you toss people and things around with the power of Scream.

Meet Soup. Yep that's his name. Soup hates soup. Follow Soup on his way to his favorite ice cream.



The path to his goal is filled with obstacles. Will he be able to fulfill his wish?

 Help Soup undertake this task as he makes his way through piles of objects and people, mowing through them using his special weapon...


Key Features:-
  • Complete Chaos through the power of Scream
  • (Almost) Everything Destroyable
  • Simple and Colorful Visuals 
  • Funny Story with Goofy Animations
  • Multiple Endings
  • Wilhelm's Scream
  • Remember Soup Hates Soup

The beach is your playground. Everything is a toy. Go berserk on them or be polite.

The choice is yours

Find all endings in Soup's Beachy Adventure

Install instructions

For Windows:-

  1. Extract the .rar file using any decompression software 
  2. Open the folder and execute the .exe file
  3. Enjoy and have fun

For Android:-

  1. Download and Install the .apk file
  2. Open it and have fun


Soup's Beachy Adventure(Windows) 22 MB
Soup's Beachy Adventure(Android) 23 MB

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